Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The 2012 New Ford Focus Reviewed

In the current economic climate, consumers are interested in saving money when it comes time to buy a new vehicle. In addition, they demand a car that also provides great gas mileage. Ford Focus stand out in the small car segment that is affordable for low prices and great mileage. For 2012, Ford Motor Company decided to make a good thing even better and decided to change the car inside and out. As a result, Focus 2012 is edgier, sportier and more handsome. More than 55% of the vehicle body is made of steel; more than Ford in the market. There are four trim levels available: S, SE, SEL and Titanium.

Ford Focus engine 'will not win any drag races in any way but that's more than enough for riding to work and run errands. Engine is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 155 hp and 145 lb feet of torque. Ford has plans for a new focus with efficient Ecoboost engine. Two transmissions are available, manual transmission and double clutch gearbox. Gas mileage stands at about 40 mpg, which is pretty good. Focus is an ideal car every day for anyone who wants a car that is practical and efficient without spending a fortune.

One new aspect that can only be enjoyed in the model 2012 is an innovative torque vectoring control. This improves system performance around corners and curves with the power of the separation between the wheel and the brake pressure to apply. If you want creative you can even add tattoos cool graphics for your vehicle. This is a fun and easy way to personalize your car and give it an extra something special. In the cabin is top notch and designed using high quality materials. For your convenience features including rearview camera, keyless entry and systems to help facilitate parking in tight spaces. Ford MyFord system is also available which allows you to easily switch to music tracks and adjust volume from the comfort of the steering wheel.

The basic model comes with standard features such as audio system, power windows and steering that can be arranged. If you opt for the SE trim level you get a Ford MyKey system allows parents to set speed limit at which teenagers can drive. Standard safety features for all models consist of a comprehensive airbag system to protect the chest, side airbags and side advanced restraint systems. Titanium model adds the sunroof, premium Sony sound system and Ford MyTouch herding cattle to market that makes it possible to use the telephone and audio system commands via voice commands.

With the recession in full swing, it makes sense to save money by buying an economy car and save your money for a rainy day. In addition, the Focus offers a very good mileage, a feature that could end up helping you save a lot of money at the gas pump. Prices for the sedan starts at $ 15,999 and $ 19,899 for the hatchback.